The theme of the hackathon is biology.

Our goal is to improve biological studies using technology, integrate biology studies with other disciplines such as computer science and statistics.

Basically, we'd like you to use your programming skills, knowledge of biology, and most importanly, your creativity, to build a symple app that solves one of our problem statements over the course of a weekend!

Our problem statements will focus on sustainable ecology, data biology, molecular biology, and bio-education! So in other words, basically everything biology is about! But for now, we will keep the problem statement secret.

If you are passionate about biology, or you are good at developing apps and coding, this is your opportunity to show off!

If you have more questions, check out our FAQ page.

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All participants automatically receive free trials to use our sponsor platforms to build their projects. 

2nd place

$200 Bugsee Credit

Best Buy 200$ Gift Card

1st Place

​$200 Bugsee Credit

Balsamiq 90 Day Free-Trial

Best Buy 500$ Gift Card

3rd place

$200 Bugsee Credit

Best Buy 100$ Gift Card

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Date: 12pm EST, October 24th

Title: echoAR: How to Build a Cloud-Connected AR/VR App in 15 Minutes or Less

Topic: Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Spatial Cloud Computing, Developer Tools

Description: The workshop will show how to quickly create augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) apps with no technical skills or coding required and scale existing apps by connecting them to the cloud. Workshop participants will learn how to create real-time cloud-connected AR/VR apps using the echoAR platform. Participants will also discover how AR/VR are changing the world through the demonstration of different use cases of 3D applications and live demos of AR/VR experiences. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop and a smartphone. Platforms for experimentation include: Google ARCore, WebXR, Vuforia, Unity-based apps, and more.

More workshops will be announced soon.

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Rafay Adnan

Outreach Manager




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